News Item: FSBPT going to offer NPTE-i (formerly NPTE-YRLY) two times in 2011 for PT candidates
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Posted by Arun
Thursday 30 September 2010 - 11:11:11

As was expected, FSBPT came out with their update about the NPTE-YRLY exam this thursday (30th Sept 2010). The update was though more than expected, with the board deciding to conduct the NPTE-YRLY twice a year for 2011 and 2012 atleast. The schedule for the exam process and timeline have been set in advance except for the fee details. This update is for sure putting on smiles on a lot of PT's across the world who were affected by the board decision earlier.
The FSBPT website have updated the information as:
"FSBPT will offer NPTE-i (formerly NPTE-YRLY) two times in 2011 for PT candidates
The NPTE-i (formerly NPTE-YRLY) will be offered twice in 2011 for PT candidates: May and December. The NPTE-i is the alternative form of the National Physical Therapy Examination that is designated for candidates who received their first professional degree from Egypt, India, Pakistan or the Philippines (restricted countries). The creation of the NPTE-i was a result of pervasive, ongoing security breaches by significant numbers of graduates of physical therapy schools from the restricted countries.
The NPTE-i will be like all the other forms of the NPTE. The PT version will be 250 items and candidates will have five hours to complete the exam. The NPTE-i will provide a fair assessment of entry-level competence. It is being prepared using the same review procedures and will adhere to all of the same quality standards that apply to all other NPTE forms.
Plans for exam administration for 2012 for candidates in the restricted groups will be announced in 2011 but it is worth noting that the goal of FSBPT is to offer the NPTE-i at least twice during 2012."
FSBPT website page with the notification can be reached via:
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