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physicaltherapy: 05 Feb : 06:54 pm

Is there anyone who has gone through CWT6 or type 1 evaluation with FCCPT?
If so, kindly let me know from where can the following deficiencies be fulfilled?
1. History
2. Systems Review
3. Findings that warrant referral
4. Supervision of support staff
5. Documentation

nani: 28 Sep : 04:31 am

plz pleasec tell me where to do phd in india

Nikhilphysio: 02 Jun : 03:55 am

I am working as physiotherapist in Shalby hospital ahmedabad for 4 years. I have passed out from Rajiv gandhi university of health and sciences Bangalore. I want to apply for Newzealand physiotherapy board registration so anyone there from India who got registered as physiotherapist in new zealand please help me.

Arun: 10 May : 12:36 am

Hi Priyank, welcome. Feel free to go through these forum threads returned by search [link]

Priyank: 09 May : 10:28 pm

Hi..need advice. What are the options in Australia after MPT?

Poll #5

What you think should be the prime goal of Indian Association of Physicaltherapists (IAP) for the next 5 years ?
Posted by Arun.
active from Thursday 20 January 2005 - 04:51:57 to Sunday 08 May 2005 - 06:55:25.
votes: 71

Research advances for Evidence Based Practice  
7.04% [Votes: 5]
Urge the governemnt for National PT Council  
83.1% [Votes: 59]
Conduct flashy expensive conferences  
2.82% [Votes: 2]
Voice for complete autonomy in practice  
2.82% [Votes: 2]
Other (Please specify it in comments )  
4.23% [Votes: 3]

Boopathi says:

21 Jan : 11:40 pm

Put all the proposed promises in to action or just get out of the way.

Arun says:

22 Jan : 06:45 am

But what all are the proposed promises.... Where could an ordinary member or non member find the same?? Itz obviously not listed on their official website like many other such organisations do..... If there isn't transperancy within the governance how could they possibly get endorsement from the PT community in our country........ If a role model is the main obstacle in their way they could take example of CSP or APTA..... they all make it clear on their websites and thru allpossible means their policies, positions, goals and all that.......

Robin says:

22 Jan : 07:04 am

as long as the goal of getting a council for us is almost achieved, i think the association should now concentrate on much varied intersts..issues like projecting the profession more infronty of the common people around by holding more direct camps, more meetings involving other fraternities for the medical field, getting involved into matters which needs every section of the medical and allied medical fields in action( i'm saying this as i've found that many a times, our profession's name missing in many a past were i ahve see mci, nurses council, rehab council..all being involved in get together matters which has very much social and political significance), then do try to change the misconceptions others have about our profesion, our ability, our credibility..among the medical professinals!
and i dont think it would be nice for us to voice that we need to be independent in our practice..it should be something the common people wpould have to feel to..they should have the confidence..and that can only develop from what we do. what we would be able to offer them! but i would resist any such moves froma medical professional to let others understand that we r not able to diagnose and treat as we plan!
so would i like to put in that conferences r a real way saying about the association..but as it was pointed out, it should not be the immediate aim of the association..but it certainly have to be a part !


10 Mar : 06:23 pm

Stop asking pocket noney from Physical therpists when they ask for a document from IAP officals.

Arun says:

11 Mar : 01:44 pm

Thatz an interesting comment from MEDREHAB and a lot new to me and many out here..... Is this the approach of IAP towards Indian PTs working overseas..... ??

Afterall what kind of a document are they entitled to provide for an Indian PT working overseas? I don't think they are the regulatorybody of our profession in ourcountry then......?

Robin says:

12 Mar : 07:56 am

that's news to me aswell..but that is common ille..go and try for some docu from the colege u studied..or from the university..wont u end up paying something or the other guys? but i too does feel so bad in our profesional body too being just the same others ather ones..though a bit less in giving something towards the profession it stands for ..!
and as arun pointed out it would be nice if medrehab pointed out what all r the documents needed for a job overseas

Ann says:

25 Apr : 01:22 pm

They surely are not............ guess the Physiatrists lobby has more influence on our profession than they have..

Robin says:

30 Apr : 08:09 am

physiatrists enjoy dominance ann, they have an mbbs degree attached to their name ..they belong to the medical council too..so have a lot more oppurtunity to air their views..often and stronger than what we can thru our association..that's why we need a stronger representation for ourselves than what we have now.

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