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physicaltherapy: 05 Feb : 06:54 pm

Is there anyone who has gone through CWT6 or type 1 evaluation with FCCPT?
If so, kindly let me know from where can the following deficiencies be fulfilled?
1. History
2. Systems Review
3. Findings that warrant referral
4. Supervision of support staff
5. Documentation

nani: 28 Sep : 04:31 am

plz pleasec tell me where to do phd in india

Nikhilphysio: 02 Jun : 03:55 am

I am working as physiotherapist in Shalby hospital ahmedabad for 4 years. I have passed out from Rajiv gandhi university of health and sciences Bangalore. I want to apply for Newzealand physiotherapy board registration so anyone there from India who got registered as physiotherapist in new zealand please help me.

Arun: 10 May : 12:36 am

Hi Priyank, welcome. Feel free to go through these forum threads returned by search [link]

Priyank: 09 May : 10:28 pm

Hi..need advice. What are the options in Australia after MPT?

Physio Blogs by Sanjay

Sep 23 2016

Smart and Effortless way to prescribe, monitor and track exercise therapy.

As a physiotherapist, our goals are to optimize client’s function and well-being, help the client to get back to his daily activities effectively whether at home, work or leisure. In order to achieve client's goals in expected period of time, patient compliance to Home Exercise Program has a crucial role in addition to the intervention and patient education provided in the clinical setting.

When a home exercise program is prescribed; the common questions we as Physiotherapists have are: Is the client really compliant? If yes, are they performing their exercises in a right way within a prescribed dosage? If they are not compliant, is it because they are in pain or they forgot to perform the workout or fail to recall the exercises and how to do it? In order to achieve the answers, there is a very limited way to monitor, track and communicate with the clients to motivate them to perform their HEP.

Considering the above questions a team of Physiotherapists decided to address the issues and guide the physiotherapists and the clients made a smartphone app named as EndoRush.

Endorush App is a smart rehab tool for both the physiotherapist and client. It is convenient, efficient and productive. It enhances the physiotherapist’s practice of exercise prescription and allows the client to perform HEP effortlessly by just using an app. It enforces the communication and progress tracking of the client encouraging better prognosis.

Endorush automates the physiotherapy experience with two mobile apps, allowing physiotherapists and their clients to effortlessly communicate, create and prescribe workouts and track progress.

Using EndoRush Physio app; The Physiotherapist can:

1. Connect and manage all your client's effortlessly.

2. Browse through 800 Plus therapeutic exercises.

3. Detailed Description, pictures, and videos for the exercises.

4. Organized Filter the exercises based on body parts, equipment, exercise type, and position.

5. Exercises for common Musculoskeletal conditions.

6. Customize and Create the Home Exercise Program for every single client.

7. Give your clients a virtual exercise doing for performing the workout in the right form.

8. Save unlimited Home Exercise Programs.

9. Assign the workouts to your clients with just a click.

10. Select a start date and end date for the Exercise Programs you assign to clients.

11. Monitor and Track the progress of your clients with Real Time Data from Feedback.

12. Communicate effortlessly with all your clients from within the app.

13. Never miss track of any Home Exercise Program you assigned to clients.

14. Brand yourself and your clinic. Images uploaded on the app will be displayed to clients under My Physio Tab.

15. Optimize your practice and increase revenue generation.

Download the app:

Using EndoRush app; clients can:

1. Always stay connected to Physio via smartphone.

2. Receive unlimited Exercise Programs, workouts from Physiotherapist.

3. View clear instructions, exercise images, description, videos of the workouts assigned by Physio.

4. Dynamic Calendar to remind workout dates, duration, and frequency.

5. Perform the exercises in right form by following the Real Time Virtual Exercise Doing Screen.

6. Keep a track of your compliance, pain and mood after every workout.

7. Real-time graphs to show your prognosis.

8. Interactive messaging feature to get your concerns answered by your Physio.

Download the app

By incorporating technology into Physiotherapy practice EndoRush App builds client physiotherapist's trust, increases the client’s compliance/retention rate, enhances your practice and helps achieve the client’s prognosis better and faster by just using a smart portable device (smartphone). It is accurate. convenient, user-friendly and resourceful. For a physiotherapist, it is a valuable tool to prescribe, track and communicate with your clients for a better outcome.