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physicaltherapy: 05 Feb : 06:54 pm

Is there anyone who has gone through CWT6 or type 1 evaluation with FCCPT?
If so, kindly let me know from where can the following deficiencies be fulfilled?
1. History
2. Systems Review
3. Findings that warrant referral
4. Supervision of support staff
5. Documentation

nani: 28 Sep : 04:31 am

plz pleasec tell me where to do phd in india

Nikhilphysio: 02 Jun : 03:55 am

I am working as physiotherapist in Shalby hospital ahmedabad for 4 years. I have passed out from Rajiv gandhi university of health and sciences Bangalore. I want to apply for Newzealand physiotherapy board registration so anyone there from India who got registered as physiotherapist in new zealand please help me.

Arun: 10 May : 12:36 am

Hi Priyank, welcome. Feel free to go through these forum threads returned by search [link]

Priyank: 09 May : 10:28 pm

Hi..need advice. What are the options in Australia after MPT?


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Author Post
Wed Feb 22 2012, 11:13pm
Kiran PT
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[Hello warm regards to all Forum Members.

I am physiotherapist from India, with post graduation in Orthopaedic manual therapy ,
I am Interested to work in Canada, but i cant afford to another course or fellowship or certificate course,
Is it possible for me to get a job with PG form India,
what is the procedure ?
how much experience do i need ?,
what are the criteria or requirements to get job in Canada, ?
Is there licencee exam for even to work in hospital based setup?
Can any one suggest me any agency in mumbai or banglore ?
Please Help Thank you

[ Edited Wed Feb 22 2012, 11:15pm ]

Thu Feb 23 2012, 07:58am
Keep looking around. There's always something you've missed.

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Hello Kiran,

Nice to have you here. There should be no problem for a PG PT form India in finding a job in Canada if he does the needed paperwork. PT in Canada ir a regulated job and thus needs credential verification and License to practice in any kind of setup.
Here is a part qouted from the official canadian government website shared previously by Anand in another discussion http://www.credentials.gc.ca/immigrants/factsheets/physiotherapist.asp :

"There are a number of steps to becoming a registered physiotherapist in Canada:
  • 1. You must decide in which province or territory you want to work. Next, you must find out what requirements you will need to meet to work there by contacting the regulator in that province or territory. Find links to the regulators.
  • 2. For most regulators, you must complete The Alliance’s Educational Credentials and Qualifications Assessment. You can begin this before you come to Canada.
    • This assessment ensures that your education and qualifications are similar to the education and qualifications of a Canadian-educated physiotherapist.
    • You will need to prove your language skills or take a language test.
    • You must pay fees for the assessment.
  • For the province of Quebec, you must apply to have your credentials assessed by l’Ordre professionnel de la physiothérapie du Québec (in French only).
  • 3. For most regulators, you must pass thePhysiotherapy Competency Examination (PCE)administered by The Alliance.
    • The PCE has two parts: a written component and a clinical component. You must pass the written component before you can take the clinical component.
    • You must pay fees to take the examinations.
  • For the province of Quebec, you may have to take courses or meet other requirements.
  • 4. You must apply to the regulator in your chosen province or territory for a licence or registration. Requirements differ for each province and territory.
    • In some provinces or territories, you can apply for a temporary licence or registration after you register for the PCE or after you successfully complete the written component of the PCE."
I hope Anand (http://www.physioblasts.org/user.php?id.3) can share some more information about the procedures or eligibility requirements here for you. Hope it helps.

[ Edited Thu Feb 23 2012, 07:58am ]

Thu Feb 23 2012, 12:18pm
Keep looking around. There's always something you've missed.

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Joined: Thu Jul 08 2004, 06:56am
Location: Kollam, Keralam, INDIA
Posts: 2120

This is what Srikesavan Sabapathi had to point out in facebook regarding the query Kiran has put up:

"I just would like to add that it would be not "Most regulators" but "All regulators and employers" required a physiotherapist to be registered.

One needs to understand that as the Canadian Curriculum keeps changing so does the requirement of the Alliance. So the sooner you apply the better. Nowadays almost everyone is being asked to do courses. Then the Ontario Bridging program is being promoted. We really dont understand how the Alliance operates as classmates who have done the same course get different assessment outcomes. 

The question of experience comes only after we become registered. Most Canadian employers prefer Canadian work experience even if its an odd job. 

As for the different provinces as Robin has mentioned they have different regulations. But all of this comes into play only after you are eligible to sit for the exam(i.e. After the alliance decides that your quals are equal to the canadian degree)

British Columbia has interim therapist positions which pay decent. All other Physiotherapist assistant jobs pay around 10 to 14 dollars an hour. The minimum wage in Canada is around 10 dollars. So you can earn that doing any job, but the PT assistant job will always count for good experience and to understand the Canadian Physiotherapy system.

Agents have no role in this so dont get cheated. The last news I heard is that most employers are preferring Physios who are permanent residents or who are already in Canada to avoid the huge paper work. So a good idea would be to apply for immigration too. 

Its all not rosy till you become registered. If the alliance gives course work the total budget would increase by around 2000 dollars. According to my estimates the total expense if some starts fresh and receives a couple of courses would be around 5000 dollars ( If you clear the theory and practicum in the first attempts). Feel free to write is you need more information."

Fri Feb 24 2012, 10:37am
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Location: salem
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as they mentioned above, rules and regulations change very often in canada, nowadays and it is wise to apply for immigration to get job in canada. so called fast track immigration process, is bit slow in pace nowadays. those who applied before june 2010, have to wait for 2 and half years to complete the process compared to 12-15 months earlier. those applied after june 2010 no time limit is provided. so it is good to consider all this before your start.

Sat Feb 25 2012, 06:42am
Kiran PT
Registered Member #3384
Joined: Tue Feb 21 2012, 12:50am
Posts: 4

Thank u very much to both of you ,much appreciate

Sat Feb 25 2012, 06:58am
Keep looking around. There's always something you've missed.

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Joined: Thu Jul 08 2004, 06:56am
Location: Kollam, Keralam, INDIA
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Keep us updated on any new related information.

Sun May 27 2018, 11:11pm
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Joined: Sun May 27 2018, 11:02pm
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Thanks a ton! I had the same doubt


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