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physicaltherapy: 05 Feb : 06:54 pm

Is there anyone who has gone through CWT6 or type 1 evaluation with FCCPT?
If so, kindly let me know from where can the following deficiencies be fulfilled?
1. History
2. Systems Review
3. Findings that warrant referral
4. Supervision of support staff
5. Documentation

nani: 28 Sep : 04:31 am

plz pleasec tell me where to do phd in india

Nikhilphysio: 02 Jun : 03:55 am

I am working as physiotherapist in Shalby hospital ahmedabad for 4 years. I have passed out from Rajiv gandhi university of health and sciences Bangalore. I want to apply for Newzealand physiotherapy board registration so anyone there from India who got registered as physiotherapist in new zealand please help me.

Arun: 10 May : 12:36 am

Hi Priyank, welcome. Feel free to go through these forum threads returned by search [link]

Priyank: 09 May : 10:28 pm

Hi..need advice. What are the options in Australia after MPT?


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Author Post
Tue Aug 21 2007, 09:11am
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Location: Anjar(kutch),Gujarat
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Hello friends i received news via sms that this bill will be put in rajyasabha in monsoon session & this will put physios in technical catagory & v have to work under registered medical practisonar.is that shocking news true?pls put more information on it....

Wed Aug 22 2007, 03:22am
Registered Member #1141
Joined: Wed Nov 01 2006, 10:49am
Posts: 11

this is wat i got



The proposed bill allegedly states Physical Therapists to be dumped
under only one category-simply a " Technician" once for all that
apparently curbs our independent clinical practice under Medical Professionals
where Physiatrist is not an exception.

On hearing this, Physical Therapists in Delhi organized an emergency
meeting on 17th/August where they finally decided to file a suit.

It's high time by FPT to declare the fact that Physiatrists are the
ultimate Medicaos suppressing Physical Therapy upliftment for an
independent PT practice although we have an excellent support from the rest of
the entire Global Medical fraternity, including but not limited to
Neurologists/surgeons, Orthopedic surgeons, Rhematologists, Cardiologists/
Interventionists, Radiologists, Gynaecologists, Physicians, Gen
surgeons, Paediatricians, Plastic Surgeons, Anesthetists, Pulmonologists and
all specialists and superspecialists.

Moreover please take some time to understand the fact that Department
of Health services, Govt of India is made up of of the following

1. The Director General- Ony One person and that being a 'Physiatrist'.
2. Assistant Director General-approximately 6 in number comprising one
Physiatrist, one Dentist, One Pharmacist etc but Zero Physiotherapist.

The Director General and the one Assistant Director General (The TWO
Physiatrists) in Dept of Health services, Govt of India, without the
concensus of other Assistant generals have made up the bill. This is an
alleged news that FPT got from New Delhi. But we believe that this issue
can be nailed before the Court of Law.

So, FPT requests Unity among us to fix this MULTIFACETED issue, as we
are already facing issues by physiatrists in the State of Tamilnadu.

FPT is just awaiting to get the Protocols in Black and white to take it

Wed Aug 22 2007, 07:33am
Keep looking around. There's always something you've missed.

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Thanx, Jagan ! Yes Hardik..there was already this move for the Bill to be tabled in teh Parliament some yrs back. It didnt get thru then and they are trying it once again this time ! With teh hold Physiatrists have being a part of the powerful MCI , it's easy for tehm to make a move than us Physical therapists in the present scenerio ! We need to make a powerful impact on the politicians to make note of the irregularities in the present proposed Bill ! Physiatrists are trying to bring Physical therapists under his reign , and by the way they r proposing it there should be more trouble for free practice of the profession in India !
Most of the organisations or associations for Physical therapy in India are trying to the best of their abilities to prevent such a Bill to be tabled..hope this time too we succeed not only in stallin this proposed Bill but also in changin the name aswell as the content of the Bill to suite teh Physical therapists .

Thu Aug 23 2007, 10:05am
DR. (PT)
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Joined: Mon May 23 2005, 10:33pm
Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE
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we should voice our protest over this mockery of our profession.
robin, know any way by which we can do this..........signature campaigm etc...

Fri Aug 24 2007, 10:01am
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Joined: Sat Sep 30 2006, 06:11am
Location: Anjar(kutch),Gujarat
Posts: 453

v should do something,atleast inform all physio what's going to hapen as most of them r unaware.what's IAP is doing?

Sun Aug 26 2007, 10:32pm
Registered Member #1141
Joined: Wed Nov 01 2006, 10:49am
Posts: 11

defination of physiotherpy acc to bill-
1. The Definition of Physiotherapy: Physiotherapy means medically directed therapy through physical agents such as heat, cold, light, water, massage, electricity or manual exercise to individuals who are limited by physical and mental disability or suffering from pain with the aim of relieving the pain, improving muscle strength, mobility and co-ordination and in order to prevent or correct the disability. (Definition proposed in WHO draft in 1969) and includes Occupational therapy.
On two counts it is objectionable which are as:
• Being medically directed- It finishes the scope of the profession in the present view of skillful practice of the professionals.
• Occupational Therapists are made part of Physiotherapy which will only promote quackery in the field of Physiotherapy.

Tue Aug 28 2007, 07:47am
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Joined: Tue Aug 28 2007, 07:35am
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hei i am siddhartha from dehradun, can you available me the exact bill in govt. format.then i can give exact openion, itherwise its like floting in the sky,so many people said so many things, the exact thing knows only few people.so its my request please available me that physio & paramedical council bill.

Tue Aug 28 2007, 11:04am
Registered Member #1691
Joined: Sat Aug 25 2007, 10:52am
Posts: 1

s, me too received that sms.. we must do something for this.. siddhartha said the correct words...
first of all we must know the exact proposal.

Tue Aug 28 2007, 11:27pm
Dr.Javed With all my zeal and great hope, I would like to introduce myself as a Public Health Specialist .
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we the students of chhattisgarh planning to protest it.

Thu Aug 30 2007, 11:31am
May I help you?

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Joined: Wed Jul 07 2004, 04:03pm
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Its not a new bill we have had some discussions on the same in an old forum thread posted back in 2005. Please take a look - [link]

The bill has been passed by the cabinet and is awaiting introduction in the Rajya Sabha (Council of States) after which the full text of it should be published in the Gazette of India.

[ Edited Thu Aug 30 2007, 12:51pm ]

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