Physioblasts.Org appeared on the web on 08 July 2004. It is today a big community of Physiotherapists and Physiotherapy students passionate by the incredible possibilities of the science-based practice of Physiotherapy. The general idea is to steadily gather Physiotherapy professionals, PT teachers, PT students throughout the world around a virtual table, to create an ever evolving information and resource database, useful to our career, clinical practice and/or academics.

Thanks to the open-ended contribution of our registered users and visitors, Physioblasts.Org has been continuously growing.

Visitors can find useful updates, news, articles, events, user blogs, useful links as well as a very dynamic forum on our website. Each visitor can freely take advantage of the many Physioblasts.Org services. In exchange, we ask you to contribute as much as you can to the expansion of the knowledge base and the community. That's the only way for your site to stay permanently up to date.

What We Do

We exists for the betterment of Physiotherapy. We are dedicated to providing credible Physiotherapy information, promote evidence based practice, create supportive communities, devise advocacy strategies and assemble resources and references useful to the career and clinical practice of physiotherapists. We also strive to create public awareness on Physiotherapy, conscientise and educate the people about the potential advantage of the discipline for greater common good and public health care at large.

Our Editorial Team

Physioblasts.Org editorial team is comprised of experienced physiotherapy clinicians, educators, health communicators and promoters. They work on regular basis with our content authors and content contributors to ensure that the content is accurate to the most extent, clear and relevant. Specialty editors work with our editorial team to produce timely, relevant and accurate information and tools in their areas of expertise. The editorial team is responsible for editing and modyfying the contents on the site.

Physioblasts.Org Editorial Team

Meet Physioblasts.Org editorial team.

Arun S. Sekher, BPT

Founder & Executive Editor

Robin Robert Varghese, BPT

Managing Editor

Boopathi Ayyakkannu, MPT

Speciality Editor (Neurological Physiotherapy)

Ajin Jayan Thomas, MPT

Speciality Editor (Cardio-Pulmonory Physiotherapy)

Jacobson Simeon R., MSc PT

Speciality Editor (Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy)

Anand Kumar S., BPT

Associate Editor

Diana Mary Thomas, BPT

Associate Editor

Our Independent Review & Advisory Board

Being accurate and up-to-date in health science is a challenging task. Some really experienced and broad-minded physiotherapists and experts in our advisory board review our contents from time to time for providing you the latest and accurate information, tools and ancillaries.

Physiotherapy Information Reviewers

Mart de Kruijff, BSc PT, M.OMT
Emmanuel Joannakutti, MSPT

Advisors in Content Strategy, Marketing and Promotion

Ajay S. Sekher, MA. PhD (Eng.)
Linguistic Consultant
Arun Kesavan, MBA

Marketing Advisor

Acronyms Used

BPT = Bachelor of Physiotherapy
MPT = Master of Physiotherapy
BSc PT = Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy
MSc PT = Master of Science in Physiotherapy
M.OMT = Master of Orthopaedic Manual Therapy
MSPT = Master of Science in Physical Therapy
PhD = Doctor of Philosophy
MBA = Master of Business Administration

Last Updated on: February 29th 2016