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Thursday 23 September 2004 / Arun author list
'My PhD Journey' - Sahana Kamath
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Hi everyone. I am an Indian physiotherapist with my Masters in Pediatrics who is now pursuing PhD  in the esteemed University of Florida and I want to share with you all my story so that anyone who has a similar dream can follow the procedure. When I had initially thought of PhD in USA, I decided to consult some professional consultants. [read more]
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The Andrew Leipus story
India's own Aussie
on 22 Dec 2004 by Dileep Premachandran author list
These days, Andrew Leipus's snapshots of India are largely restricted to cricket grounds and the innards of five-star hotels in which the team cocoon themselves. It wasn't always that way. Almost 10 years ago, a young man from Adelaide and his South African girlfriend - now wife - arrived in India with dreams of seeing the country from the locals' perspective. "We travelled around India [read more]