Shake Hand With Pb.Org As the First Indian Physio Portal, Physioblasts.Org is open to proposals for partnerships and cross promotion.

Content Swap Proposals
Physioblasts.Org is open to content swap arrangements where complementarities exist.

Cross Promotion
Physioblasts.Org welcomes proposals for cross-promotions on websites through appropriate use of banners and links.

Physioblasts.Org is open to two-way tie-ups in appropriate areas for co-branding relevant to both partners.

E-commerce and online selling
Physioblasts.Org is willing to partner with online auctioneers and sellers through mutually-beneficial commercial arrangements. The items to be sold could vary from books to CDs, clinical tools, medical journals, software or products or services appropriate to the focus of our site.

If you are interested in any of the proposals, or would like to suggest one of your own, e-mail us at: handshake [at]
Or use the contact form here.